The Swanky South

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“The Swanky South” experience lavished upon us here in the land of cotton is not merely a thin veneer of aesthetic extravagance. There is an exorbitant amount of refined beauty and elegance in the style, the cuisine, the literature, the landmarks and landscapes to be certain. However, “The Swanky South” to me is more about an atmosphere of extravagant southern charm, graciousness, kindness and hospitality dwelling within the inhabitants themselves and given freely to our locals and our visitors. It’s honest. It’s soulful. It’s joyous. It’s laid back. It’s real. “The Swanky South” to my way of thinking is not the least bit contrived, cliquish or ostentatious. We don’t have time for that nonsense. We’re too busy making new friends and neighbors.

Hardworking, kind, generous Southerners wearing a variety of collar colors all possess the attributes needed to be considered citizens of “The Swanky South.” Socio-economic, race nor gender classifications prohibit access to this magical place. Everyone’s welcome here, y’all.

Specifically, I’ve lived and headquartered musically for the last several years in my beloved “Muletown” (Columbia, TN) which is situated snuggly between the gritty rhythm and soul of Memphis and the slick cosmopolitan twang of Nashville. Muletown makes for the perfect musical laboratory for my blend of soul and country-jazz elements. The friendly encouragement of my fellow Muletowners keeps me fired up to create and share my creations.

Stroll the sidewalks of the lovely, historic Columbia square where the deep roots of heritage and the extended branches of eager anticipation collaborate to create healthy new growth. The Old South and New South converge, each with a respectful nod to the other, as buildings are refurbished in the shade of century old trees – a vivid image of how we’re growing and still maintaining our unique slice of Americana. My great affection for the classic musical elements of both Nashville and Memphis have found a perfect meeting point both geographically and musically in Columbia, Tennessee. I think I’m a lot like my beloved “Muletown” – growing yet hopefully maintaining my own unique slice of Americana. This thing I call “The Swanky South.”

If you’d like a little more clarification of what this ‘thang’ is all about in song form, click to hear my tune “The Swanky South.”



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